In December 2012, our Company debuted Inspiring Our World, a creative musical journey conceived, produced and performed by our employees to convey our Company’s mission, vision and values intertwined with our social responsibility philosophy. Designed to appeal to a universal audience, our production featured music, songs and dance created by our employees to portray in a succinct and powerful way the character of our Company:

  • our Mission – to engage, entertain and inspire our guests
  • our Vision – to be the best in the world in performing our mission
  • our Core Values – teamwork, integrity and excellence
  • our commitment to community philanthropy and engagement
  • our commitment to environmental sustainability – our Green Advantage
  • our commitment to diversity and inclusion – the foundation of our culture and the ultimate form of teamwork

Our cast of 72 employees reflected the broad diversity of our immensely talented employees, while the entire production illustrated to our audiences in real time all of the above elements. Over 41,000 of our Las Vegas-based employees attended 12 shows at Mandalay Bay Events Center in December 2012. The remainder of our Las Vegas employees and our regional property employees will view various versions of our show in 2013.

For every cast member and show producer, this show is a personal journey down the path of individual growth and human connection. For our Company, this show is a journey down the path of integrity and innovation. For our audiences, this show is a vivid portrait of the true SPIRIT OF AWESOMENESS that motivates our Company and our employees each and every day – to engage, entertain and inspire our guests, and to make our communities and our planet a better place for all humanity, in the most excellent way we can!

For an excerpt of Inspiring Our World, see below

View our behind-the-scenes documentary.