Inclusion of diverse suppliers in the commerce of our supply chain is a major priority in our global procurement program at MGM Resorts International. Our goal is to provide access for qualified diverse suppliers to business opportunities with our Company that promote our strategic objectives of quality and price competition, to our competitive advantage. Participation in our business provides diverse enterprises with economic opportunity, access to developmental guidance, capacity-building experience and the potential for repeat business critical to growth. While the procurement landscape is constantly shifting due to global consolidation and other economic forces, we attempt to connect opportunities in our supply network to local and small businesses where possible. Our partnerships with local and diverse businesses also contribute to the development of the communities that host our resorts.

We proactively identify and qualify diverse suppliers who can support our business operations effectively with high-quality goods and services, competitive pricing, reliability and customer focus. We contribute to and participate in training and development of diverse businesses. We are active members of organizations that represent and support diverse suppliers.

Our Supplier Diversity Program includes enterprises owned by minorities, women, the economically disadvantaged, veterans, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) individuals and/or persons with disabilities. We require our primary suppliers (referred to as Tier I suppliers) to in turn utilize diverse businesses in their procurement processes (referred to as Tier II suppliers), and to track and report these results to us on an annual basis.

For more information about our MGM Resorts International Supplier Diversity Program, please refer to our Supplier Diversity website.