Diversity education is integral to forging our culture of inclusion and employee engagement. Our groundbreaking experiential Diversity Champion workshop teaches a basic creed for individual and collective responsibility in living diversity at work, at home and in our communities: In order for our teams to be first and best, we accept the accountability to acknowledge and value the contributions of all people. Our graduate Diversity Champions are role models for extraordinary guest service, guardians of our culture of inclusion and soldiers in our community service.

Since the start of our Diversity Champion workshop, we have graduated almost our entire management team—over 11,000 champions. In December 2012, we pioneered an innovative 90-minute musical show called Inspiring Our World which used song and dance to impart our mission, vision and social responsibility values to over 41,000 front-line employees, all of whom are now Diversity Champions. This was a tremendous stride in our quest to make every employee a Diversity Champion inspired and empowered to realize his/her full potential in our mission to elevate our Company and our community. We completed the presentation of Inspiring Our World to the remainder of our employees in 2013.